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Jamestown is a small town with a big heart. Our community is family-oriented and close-knit. We pride ourselves on knowing and caring for our neighbors and welcoming our visitors with the warmest of southern hospitality. Kentucky is lovingly referred to as "The Gateway to the South". Here in Jamestown, we offer a hearty, "Welcome!" This is our home; a city for all seasons. No matter the season of the year or of your life, Jamestown welcomes you home. 

First Russell County Community Mural Completed in Jamestown

The first Russell County Community Mural located at 72 N. Main St. in Jamestown.  The mural was completed in July 2018. The video features images and video of the painting process and features an original song by local songwriter, Rick Mann. The song was inspired by and written for the project and is a beautiful testament to the love we have for our town!

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